Top performing RADIUS & AAA

RADIUS Server.con solutions have been servicing large and small ISPs since 1997, with NASDAQ traded ISPs trusting their RADIUS needs with RADIUS Server infrastructure. RADIUS is high performing with Tier 1 levels of reliability and scalability. Our RADIUS Servers supports the latest RFCs, vendor specific attributes, NAS templates and has a multitude of preconfigured settings that support most Access Servers in the market today.

Our RADIUS solutions are installed in over 50 countries supporting services such as:

  • DSL, Cable, ISDN, Dialup
  • PPPoE and VPN internet access (both terminating and distributor RADIUS server roles)
  • Rented Infrastructure (such as the one provided by Quest, Verison, BT)
  • Content Subscriptions
  • Voice services over IP
  • Internet Kiosk and Internet Café
  • Wi-Fi hotspots and Wireless ISPs