Top performing RADIUS & AAA for Service Providers solutions have been servicing large and small ISPs since 1997, with NASDAQ traded ISPs trusting their RADIUS needs with RADIUS Server Software infrastructure. RADIUS Server is high performing with Tier 1 levels of reliability and scalability. Our RADIUS Servers supports the latest RFCs, vendor specific attributes, NAS templates and has a multitude of preconfigured settings that support most Access Servers in the market today.

Reliability and scalability

RADIUS is a true performer with Tier 1 (99.999%) reliability and scalability to comfortably support over a million subscribers. Though installed and suited to serve the largest providers, our RADIUS Server is high performing and therefore requires low cost hardware, supporting most service providers' requirements on a commercial Pentium machine.

Web based administration

RADIUS Server turns your web browser into a remote control. You can access the server from anywhere in the world over secure SSL, with no client side installation what so ever. All you need is a web browser and you can configure RADIUS settings from anywhere, view all currently online sessions, modify the subscriber record, and more.

Support for the latest RFCs

Our RADIUS Server software supports the latest RADIUS RFCs, supporting xDSL services, vendor specific attributes and a host of other features such as predefined attribute check lists and even proxy target billing. Alepo's experience in the RADIUS and billing market means that you are guaranteed a solution that will continue evolving into the future.

Alepo Radius is compliant with the following RADIUS RFCs:

  • RFC 2865 -- Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (obsoletes RFC 2138; updated by RFC 2868)
  • RFC 2866 -- RADIUS Accounting (obsoletes RFC 2139; updated by RFC 2867)
  • RFC 2869 -- RADIUS Extensions
  • RFC 2548 -- Microsoft Vendor-Specific RADIUS Attributes
  • RFC 2809 -- Compulsory Tunneling via RADIUS
  • RFC 2868 -- RADIUS Attributes for Tunneling Support
  • RFC 2882 -- NAS Requirements: Extended RADIUS Practices

Smart RADIUS servers

Our RADIUS Server solutions are feature rich, comprehensive, servers available for purchase today.
Unlike most, �dumb', RADIUS server available in the market today that simply check the username and password and authorize access to internet services. Alepo RBS product family is a RADIUS server that knows what happens at any given moment in the system and is geared toward increasing your profits. Even if your systems has various POPs it can limit the numbers of simultaneous logins a user may have (no more abusers), disconnect a user when time credit is extinguished as well as a wealth of advanced features that can be offered only by Smart serves.

All-in-one RADIUS server

ur RADIUS Server solutions can do for you much more then just authentication and authorization.
By integrating billing, prepaid and CRM capabilities into our RADIUS servers you avoid most of the problems found in separated or bundled (but not integrated) RADIUS and billing solutions.
While separate solutions requires text files system manipulation to happen to be operated in batch scripts, our integrated solution requires no interaction whatsoever between the RADIUS, billing and CRM components because they are different aspects of a single server software. This means there is just the one software for you to buy, integrate, maintain and get support for.
Beyond the convenience, cost and reliability there are the features that can only be obtained in an all-in-one solution, such as:

- Real Time balance update
- Online disconnection of prepaid customers
- Instant account activation
- Instant account suspension according to late payment rules and instant unsuspend when debt is paid
- Special access according to user status (e.g. a suspended customer may still login but access only web self care until she renew her account).
- Real time over all system status

Complete Billing and CRM

RADIUS comes integrated with a complete billing and CRM system. Billing is performed in real time, with support for advanced business models ranging from tiered rating to VSP charging.
Invoices are automatically generated in XML, formatted by XSL and can be viewed online, automatically e-mailed, or formatted for printing using the MS-Word add-in.
CRM offers end-to-end user management that includes registration, purchases, payments (manual or automated), transaction and session history, activation/suspension/termination, trouble ticketing and dunning.
CRM is open to integration through the Web User Interface (WUI) with shell script integration for customer related events such as registration, late payment, failed payment, suspension and termination.

Our solutions offer the best value for your $ in the all-in-one RADIUS servers market. Targeted at small to mid sized service providers (50-500,000 subscribers) Alepo is the leader in this segment by offering unmatched feature rich solutions that can be deployed within the same day and are priced with your profitability in mind

Which product I suitable for me?

RADIUS Server solutions are marketed by Alepo, to find the product for you

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